Automated employee commute emissions management

We turn employee commute emissions tracking into more than a reporting line. Because business transformation towards Net Zero starts with engaging your employees.

Track, Report, Manage, Reduce Scope 3 Category 7 Emissions
We work with businesses serious about employee loyalty and achieving Net Zero. Our proprietary solution identifies and aggregates modes of mobility and associated emissions automatically, making it easy and cost-efficient for you to report and reduce commute emissions whilst increasing employee engagement and mission-driven loyalty.
Employee engagement
Increase employee loyalty and engagement through mission-led, profile-safe, incentivisation.
Loyalty/ motivation program integration
Encrypted data exchange
Anonymised profiles for employer and employee safety
Emissions Reduction
Manage your path towards Net Zero through emissions and operational hotspot identification.
Automated office geolocation commute emissions analysis
Real-time impact of reduction initiatives
Precise commute timings/patterns/ distance analysis
Automated Data Aggregation
No more manual and resource-heavy surveys to track lagged employee commute emissions data.
Real-time data collection through employee-facing mobile app
Plug-and-play setup for data leverage
Customised functionalities
Custom-branded interface
Compliant Reporting
No more diluted and resource-dependent calculations based on medians.
Systematised, accurate emissions data
1-click export for reporting
GHG Protocol compliant formula or insert your own
Automated precise projections
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